Project Deconstruct wins top #50 at #SWPA London

Had a great time doing a 20 minuet LIVE stream with #arcticfoxindia followers who believe in doing creative work and workshops for youngsters. 

The LIVE session had a great response and we felt great to do creative work to encourage and charge the creative community!

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The sports brand #branding brief was to deliver intensity in action. The face expression & body movement that is fuelled by inner hunger striving for more.

All models/ athletes worked and improvised constantly on expression and body posture by actually pulling weights, stretching, pull-ups, push-ups to their maximum strength and then more to achieve the "more is more" visual expression that we intended to capture.

Couple of motivational Headlines we created are
#howto #visualization #posture #improvisation #expressive

1) "The opponent is never visible till he comes head on"

2) "If there is a moment of self doubt, walk away"

3) "You may have practiced a thousand times,but when it is time, it is time"

4) "As hard as you may try, the situation will test you more!"

5) "It's a jungle out there. What you need is a perfect weapon"

Complete work on

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Project Deconstruction by photographer Rohit Gandhi has been a long project that has lasted for more than 18 months now!

The latest Deconstruction "Revolver" project has been a roller coaster ride for the photographer. AS the story goes, the Real look-alike Revolver was sourced from Mumbai, The Revolver was then held at the airport for its real look-alike appeal and a serial no. "It was the proudest moment for me when I was caught at the airport and interrogated for several ours, from top army weaponry officials to airport authorities all trying to confirm if the gun was a fake. Well, the gun was a fake but a real look-alike, that took hours to verify.

We were finally allowed to bring the gun back to the studio after written verification and lots of paperwork where we executed the gun "DECONSTRUCTION STYLE".