Cohesive Branding ( still + motion )

Many photographers with separate careers in still advertising, have been collaborating as video directors for several years as a way to maintain artistic control of their productions. Often their conceptual photography sets the tone for the campaign, but in many cases the ad agency hires another crew to try to replicate the look in the video.


 We at rdg ( still + motion ), have convinced clients that having us as the creative force for an entire, integrated campaign is more efficient. " It's one team after one goal as opposed to multiple teams after multiple goals." Cohesive branding will included, creating a film or a short story for the client and a number of other pieces including behind the scenes and stop motion videos to provide the brand with assets for use on the company's Website and in viral promotions through You Tube and other channels. The short films are being shot with experienced Directors, from our panel of directors and cinematographers at         rdg( still + motion ) as chosen by the client depending on the working style and the need of the project. The videos are being shot on Super 16mm and 5D Mark 2 tat caters to a segment of market looking for online high end videos.



Cohesive Branding for FLY53 

Check out how David Lindesy Wade and Lyndon Wade created short movies for FLY53, a UK based apparel company. They have shot a short film set in various rooms of a house. The film was also cut into smaller, "teaser" clips and used in different media to promote the brand. ( )